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General Photo Editing and Re-Touching Tips and Information

Skin RetouchingWhen you are trying to teach someone tips on photo retouching and photo editing is much like teaching swimming without having to enter a body of water. But again we are also going by the principle that nothing is impossible. So here we go, we will find a list of do´s and don’ts when it comes to the world of professional photo editing services.


The most fundamental and one of the most overlooked and underestimated is the time to consider a picture when you land on the screen. Go through the image and evaluate the different elements involved and based on the what you have in mind, decide on things you have to edit, the ones you will not edit, and the ones you have to be retouched to suit the needs of the general theme or story around which the image is placed. Once you have marked the pictures, crop out the unwanted parts in the final version, and take care to see what you are cropping slowly, so you do not end up to re-start and over cropping from the beginning.


Cropping is very vital part of photo editing and photo retouching services just because the photographer shot it does not mean that is essential. To do this, you have to follow the first step and understand the image

Skin Retouching

before you start cropping it slowly. More often than not the focus of an image is lost in the clutter in the background or other cases by something that is more attractive and colorful than the central theme. In either case, the center mars the beauty of the image and therefore cropping an image is a good place to start your photo editing. Once you have cropped the image with only the elements that you regard as essential, your work becomes much easier, and you are left with a much smaller area that needs your attention.

Once these basic steps are completed, you may want to focus on issues related to the brightness, contrast and exposure. Each image would require some adjustments here and there so that the final image is perfect and nothing affects the idea in a negative way. These are simple steps in your basic Photoshop program that would help even a novice experiment with it and find the necessary adjustments to conform to the image in question. The color balance is also something you want to change at this stage of the cropping.

The last step you wish to add to your list of must-do can be airbrushing. Any image needs some help to make it look outstanding, regardless of the model or object filming. Since the camera cannot capture all the different aspects of a real object, some changes in the hands of professional photo editors adept with professional software can breathe new life into any stale, boring image. At Retinka professional photo editing and retouching services, we offer a broad range of services to ensure a world of change and beauty in each of the images that exert our magic touch.

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