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How to Outsource Photo Editing to a professional photo editing Company

Companies around the world are demanding good quality edited images for different uses. These companies could be: real estate companies, e-commerce and retail companies, photo editing studios and professional photographers, printing presses, educational institutions, advertising agencies, graphic design studios, media and publishing companies, manufacturers and catalog companies, among others.


Time and resources are two criteria for editing digital pictures that can be challenging for companies. Good photo editing not only requires expert touch and a deep knowledge of photo editing software, but also requires investment of much time, especially when a large amount of raw image needs to be improved.

Outsourcing the digital photo editing is a solution that thousands of businesses around the world are choosing to get first-edited photos to suit their business needs. For companies that have not outsourced professional image editing, here is a step by step guide to ensure that the best outsourcing provider of digital retouching is selected.



Do extensive research of Google and add the names of prospective outsourcing companies that fit the bill in an Excel spreadsheet. Then visit each website and discover the services offered by these companies, their experience in the domain, and what makes them stand out from other companies. Refine the professional photo editing companies that offer services that match the requirements of retouching and have the experience to prove it.


Check the credentials:

After narrowing the list of companies editing professional photos about five years, it becomes easier to select the company that best serves to the required specification. Check the credentials and credibility of each shortlisted company.


Customer feedback:

It is always important to read what other customers have to say about a company professional photo editing in terms of service delivery, quality and reliability. Feedback from existing customers can help in the decision making process. Once these have been thoroughly checked, contact your service provider photo editing that best suits the business requirements.


Provide sample images:

Ideally, a service provider must offer photo editing to demonstrate its ability to tweak sample images. Send them 2-4 sample images to be edited to see the quality of work done by the company photo editing. Mention the necessary changes to be made to the sample photos.


Check retouched image quality example:

Edited sample images must meet the quality standards required for business requirement, either in terms of color, contrast, background, object removal, stain removal or others. Work on all images of the sample must also be consistent in terms of the services provided. It also reflects how well the company´s digital photo editing listened to the instructions and specifications, which is integral to outsourcing partnerships.


Check in time:

If the sample images are retouched and delivered successfully, the next question would be regarding response time (TAT) for the workload. Specify your requirements in detail. Also check the TAT if the volume of images increases, for example, during periods of peak sales.



Check the pricing model that the company offers photo editing and modes of payment options available. To be preferred provider of digital photo editing option that offers hourly, picture or billing of resources. Select the pricing model and mode of payment option that best suits your budget.



Data security is a priority for all companies looking to outsource. Make sure there is a secure FTP or cloud-based application provided by the company photo editing where you can upload images for retouching. Would be an additional qualification for a potential outsourcing partner professional photo editing.


By observing the points on this list, companies will be able to identify the right partner for outsourcing digital photo editing and can enter into long-term partnership. Companies that choose to outsource editing costs save valuable time and resources and can focus on their core capacity for growth.


Retinka has many experiences in providing services professional image retouching and restoration to customers worldwide. Contact us today with your business requirements and benefit from the services of digital photo editing world class outsourcing.

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